Discover Our Story

It was early spring of 2018 when Oscar, a local gentleman with the heart of an entrepreneur, stumbled upon an opportunity to open a family-owned restaurant in downtown City of Tracy.

Oscar had a passion for great food, and he loves his city. Opening a local family restaurant in the heart of his hometown seemed like a natural decision.

At that same time, a great building became available for sale, and Oscar decided to grab the opportunity. It was the spot of the iconic sandwich shop and deli named Gerard’s, that after the change of ownership decided to close its doors.

That was a perfect space with great potential, and the work began!

Next, Oscar had to come up with a meaningful name for his restaurant. He wanted the place to reflect the local food of his hometown, family values, and honor his late father. That's when Oscar had an idea to name the new restaurant Juniors’, just like he had been named after his father. This is how Juniors’ of Tracy was born.